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Hello, we are Brian and Jason! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family.


Our story began in 2009 after we had both moved to Washington, D.C. for school. We met through mutual friends, at a game night, hosted by Jason (a tradition we keep alive and well!). After building a friendship over several years, we began dating in 2013 and realized we were perfect for each other. From there, things moved quickly—moved in together, adopted our dog (Harper), and got engaged in 2014. We were married a year later. We have been loving our lives together ever since!


After our honeymoon in New Mexico, we began talking about expanding our family; given how important parenthood is to both of us. As we each grew in our careers and relationship, we felt that adopting a baby was the next best step. We are so excited to start this journey and we can’t wait to welcome a child into our home through open adoption. 

I grew up in a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois. I went to college in Illinois and then moved to Washington, D.C. for law school. Children have been a joyful and important part of my life for many years now. In addition to being a loving uncle to our many nieces and nephews, I have been an elementary school special education teacher since 2016. While I began my career as a lawyer, I wasn’t satisfied and found myself drawn to a career in education. Jason was amazingly supportive of my decision to change careers, and I absolutely love being a teacher. 


My career has given me experience working with children with a wide range of special needs, including ADHD, learning disabilities, social-emotional disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities, and others. The experiences I’ve had by building relationships with my students and helping them to flourish has helped me feel prepared and incredibly eager to become a parent; no matter what challenges we may face! Outside of work, I love to read, eat, and watch movies.



  • Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark

  • Band: Radiohead

  • TV Show: Mad Men

  • Book: The Grapes of Wrath

  • Food: Mexican

I grew up in a small South Texas town surrounded by my extended family including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. It was a traditional Latino family and everything we did was a big family affair, including holidays, weekends, and birthdays. Everyone worked hard (mostly in the oil industry) and loved unwinding together by cooking big meals and playing practical jokes on each other. My earliest memories are of homemade tortillas and lots of laughter. This sense of humor, love of cooking, and appreciation for hard work has shaped my entire life. 


In 2004, I moved to Washington, D.C. for college and became very active in student organizing and civil rights issues on campus. These lessons and experiences put me on a career path in the civil rights community and I have been fortunate to work for causes and organizations that I believe in. 


I work hard to provide for my family, but I’m constantly trying to learn new things, connect to my roots, and celebrate life with Brian and our friends. I’m excited to grow new traditions with a child! 



  • Movie: Desk Set

  • Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe

  • TV Shows: The Office and The West Wing 

  • Book: The Namesake

  • Food: Tex-Mex

We have lived all over DC, and have tried to find places that are diverse and have easy access to the food and activities we love. We currently live in an old row house that we have turned into a warm and welcoming home for our family and friends to visit for long dinners and barbecues (Jason is a BBQ pro!). The walls are full of colorful art from Texas, Mexico, and right here in DC. We collect books, records, and love displaying photos of our friends and family to remind us of the community we have built together. Our favorite room in the house is definitely our kitchen, where we love to cook dinner together and talk about our day. 


Our neighborhood is such a convenient and fun place to live, with plenty of parks, playgrounds, and schools nearby, along with easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, and public transportation. Lots of families with young children live all around us. We are so excited to raise a family in Washington, D.C., where we can expose a child to the home and community we have come to love.

Our families come from different cultures, but we both share rich traditions rooted in family and love. We each have two siblings and share ten nephews and nieces; who we can’t get enough of on holidays and family trips. When you pile on the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our tight-knit circle of friends, we have a big support network that has made us who we are today.


Our family blends Jason’s Mexican-American culture with Brian’s Midwestern roots, enriching both families. While our families live in cities outside of DC, we work hard to make sure we all stay connected through trips, phone calls, and Facetime sessions. 


Because we both went to school in DC, we have planted deep roots in the city and have developed a community of friends. Our friends are as diverse as the city we live in and are always around for cookouts, dinner parties, movies, and even playdates, as many of them are having children of their own. Our friends have been a great source of advice and support for us as we start on the journey to grow our family. 

When we’re not working, we’re filling our lives with all kinds of interests and adventures! We love to cook, especially family favorites like gumbo, tacos, and barbecue. There are always good smells coming from the kitchen!


We love hosting dinner parties, cookouts, and holidays, so a child will always be surrounded by friends and family. On the weekends, you’re likely to find us either kayaking on a nearby river, taking in an exhibit at one of DC’s many museums, or enjoying a concert or movie. 


Speaking of movies, Brian is obsessed! He has a collection of all kinds of movies, from black and white classics to obscure foreign films to blockbusters. Jason’s passion is music, with his own collection of records spanning almost every genre. We both love to read—our shelves are packed with all kinds of books, including children's books that we can’t wait to share. We also can’t wait to share our love of art and culture with a child! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our book and learn more about us. We can’t possibly explain in words how grateful we are to you for creating an adoption plan for your child. We are ready to be loving parents, and we promise to do everything in our power to make sure your baby is nurtured, loved, and provided with all the opportunities in the world. We will give your child everything we can – a strong education, a cute dog friend, a safe community, and a joyful home.


We hope to be able to meet you and to be able to continue a relationship with you as your baby grows up, including yearly visits and exchanging letters or e-mails. No matter what level of openness you prefer, we will make sure your child understands how much you love them and want the absolute best for them.


We can’t wait for the day a child is placed with us. Thank you again for taking the time to consider us as you make this important decision. We wish you nothing but the very best as you move forward.